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Ticketing Information

GuangDong Line

Currently, there are two different types of trains for the Guangdong Line, namely, Ktt and 25T new train set.


--  A double-deck train managaed by MTR 

--  Locomotives are purchased from Switzerland. Coaches
    are imported from Japan

--  Premium class and first class seats are available
     (Complimentary snacks and Hong Kong newspapers
     on Premium class coaches )

--  Various tourist products and souvenirs are available
     for sale on board

-- Power Bank Lending Service is available, passengers
    are able to charge their smartphones and tablets for free
    during the journey

  Hong Kong-style food & beverages are available for sale on board

--  Accept cash (HKD/RMB) and Octopus payments on board

--  Special seats for wheelchair passengers at designated coaches.
     Two toilets in each coach, one is for wheelchair passengers and
     equipped with nappy-changing facilities, handrails and emergency

--  Folding table in front of each seat and folding tables for four 
    (First class & Premium class) or two persons (Premium class)
     for certain seats

--  Free business and leisure magazines available on board

--  Pre-order forms available on board for Ganghuigou shopping

25T new train set (commissioned in Dec 2012)  

--  Managed and operated by Guangzhou Railway (Group)   

--  Locomotives and coaches are manufactured in Mainland China

--  Offer first class seats

--  Food & beverages are provided in the dining coach

--  Accept cash (HKD/RMB) payments on board

--  A special seat and toilet for wheelchair passenger
    in one of the coaches

--  Folding table in front of each seat

--  Free on board magazines

--  Drinking water dispensers available on board