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Customer Service

Intercity Through Train Customer Service Centre

For enquiries or ticketing, you are welcome to approach our Intercity Through Train Customer Service Centre located at East Rail Line Hung Hom Station. From 7:00 am to 8:05 pm every day, our Customer Service Representatives are ready to serve you. 

  1. Learn how to get to Hung Hom Station


Intercity Ticketing & Service Hotline

You may also dial our Intercity Ticketing & Service Hotline (852) 2947 7888 from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm every day to contact our Customer Service Representatives for purchasing tickets or more information on our services by fax.


Luggage/Parcel Consignment Services

The free luggage allowance for each passenger is 20 kg for Adult (excluded the folding wheelchair for the disabled) and 10 kg for Child. The total external measurement (i.e. length + width + height) of each piece of hand-carried luggage should not exceed 160cm. Any luggage in excess of the aforementioned limits should be consigned.

For details of the consignment services and charges, please click the links below.

Guangdong Line

Beijing/Shanghai Lines

Through Train SMS Alert Service

The Through Train SMS Alert Service keeps you posted of any changes to the train you are going to ride on. We will send a SMS messageto your mobile phone as soon as possible when the train you are going to ride on is delayed or cancelled. This service is free of charge.


How to use this service

1. E-ticketing: enter your Hong Kong mobile phone number after logging in. This service will be activated next time when you purchase tickets on line.

2. Intercity Ticketing & Service Hotline: when purchasing tickets through the hotline (852) 2947 7888, enter your Hong Kong mobile phone number according to the instruction.

3. Through train ticketing counter/appointed ticketing agents: provide your Hong Kong mobile phone number to the staff when purchasing tickets.


Terms and conditions

1. MTR tries its best to provide the latest information on through train frequency but is not liable for any non-delivery of messages, and cannot guarantee the accuracy, timeliness or reliability of mobile phone text message. Since through train operation is subject to change, it is important that you call the Intercity Ticketing & Service Hotline on (852) 2947 7888 or check with the LED display at Hung Hom Station for the latest information.

2. This service is free of charge, but please note that certain mobile phone operators may charge you a fee for receiving SMS messages. In case of doubt, please contact your mobile phone operator.

3. This service is only available to Hong Kong mobile phone number.



For more information on the Through Train SMS Alert Service, please press here . You may also call the Intercity Ticketing & Service Hotline on (852) 2947 7888 for any other inquiry.