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Beijing is a world-famous city for its long history as the capital of China. Not only renowned for having notable historical relics, including the Tiananmen Square, Great Wall, Forbidden City, Yuanmingyuan Park, Temple of Heaven, etc., but also well known for building astonishing Olympics sites like the Bird's Nest (National Stadium) and Water Cube (National Aquatics Centre). Wangfujing is a must-go tourist attraction.

Tiananmen Square is a massive meeting place of 880m long and 500 wide that can accommodate one million people. The gate built in 1417 had denied entry by the general public back in the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Beijing's culinary delights as well as cuisine from all over the country can be found at Donghuamen Night Market. Among other things, Dong Lai Shun is best known for its Beijing-style lamb hot pot and food served in elegant Jintailan bowl.